Do we have too many pet owners in the world?

It is a question that needs to be asked. Do we have too many pet owners in the world? I get it, they are cute, fun and desirable. They also cost owners a lot of money and time. There are approximately 85 million dogs in the USA and 78 million cats. Some statistics read that 44% of all households have a pet and some as high as 68% of all households have pets.

I am all for loving mans best friend and providing a home for these animals but at what cost? Dogs are being breed out of control many of them are being put in shelters. Does this outweigh the benefit if half the dogs find good homes and half are either put down or left to live out their lives in cells?

I believe society has a need to take care of something. We all strive to have something that loves us and we can take care of. That thought creeps into our mind that we want a pet and suddenly you become focused on it. Even many young people in their 20’s are getting pets that they don’t have the time nor energy to take care of.

Which brings me to the main point I have found. Many young people I know have 2 or 3 pets and many of them don’t have time for vacations or even starting a family. Many governments are frustrated at the falling fertility rate among the developed world. I would bet that a huge portion of people can’t have kids or find a loving relationship because they have too many pets. We could solve a great problem if we would bring awareness to the fact that you can either have a child or pet, they are almost one in the same. The only difference is a pet is like a child that never grows up. They live with you their whole life, you have to feed them and take them to the bathroom. In many ways pets are more work than children. Many young kids can’t imagine the thought of having children because the world we live in is a hard place, so they opt out for a dog. At 85 million dogs this is no small statistic. We could be looking at a major problem that is never brought out into the open.

People need to understand having a pet is much like having a child. You could be giving up a chance to find a good relationship, get married and have kids of your own. Even though many will argue that their pets are their children it brings the main question to the heart of millions if not 100’s of millions of people. Do we have too many pets these days?