One day only the birds and the bugs could be around

There is two groups of animals that are well adapted to survive what we are doing to the planet. There is no question the ever expanding empire of the human being is encroaching on nature. It was reported this week that we are heading towards the sixth mass extinction of animals.

One day kids could ask us, “Did you live with the wild land animals?”. The good news is the birds and bugs will probably survive what we are doing to the planet. The birds can fly and migrate to the lands we are developing. They have even adapted the ability to live among us. We feed them, give them water and even create land protected for them. The bugs are hardy creatures. They can survive some of the harshest environments on the planet. And there are trillions upon trillions of them. They live deep in the ground, under and around our houses. I don’t see them ever going away.

Once we evolve to the next stage of human evolution we will understand the value of nature. We have not been told what we truly are. We are ancient ones, we have all the knowledge that mankind has learned at our fingertips, once we learn to tap into this (who we are) we will overcome the destruction of the planet and its species.