The God of Nature is not gone

In ancient Greek mythology there is only one God that is said to have died. It was the God of Nature. There is significant proof according to hundreds of different religions that the gods get their power from our belief. Our minds actually have the power to influence the universe on a level we are not aware of.

According to Wikipedia the gods of nature, there are multiple gods of nature in almost every religion.

  • 1 African mythology
  • 2 Arabian mythology
  • 3 Aztec mythology
  • 4 Baltic mythology
  • 5 Celtic mythology
  • 6 Chinese mythology
  • 7 Egyptian mythology
  • 8 English mythology
  • 9 Etruscan mythology
  • 10 Finnish mythology
  • 11 Greek mythology
  • 12 Hinduism
  • 13 Inca mythology
  • 14 Japanese mythology
  • 15 Māori mythology
  • 16 Maya mythology
  • 17 Mesopotamian mythology
  • 18 Micronesian mythology
  • 19 Native American mythology
  • 20 Nordic folklore
  • 21 Norse mythology
  • 22 Germanic mythology
  • 23 Roman mythology
  • 24 Slavic mythology
  • 25 Turco-Mongol
  • 26 Vodou

The god of nature was believed and worshiped by people from all over the world. Perhaps billions of people, yet we do not respect nature as we should.

I still believe in the God of Nature therefore he could not have died. It’s only takes one person to believe in something to keep it alive. Some even believe the Gaia theory that the Earth itself is a living thing.

Our purpose is defiantly to understand and respect nature. We are here to protect our planet. Instead we are ever encroaching on nature and hunting anything we deem beautiful. If you see a beautiful tiger in the wild it is beautiful because it is there. It doesn’t belonged stuffed and on a wall. Imagine how we would feel if a species from another world thought we would be good stuffed on a wall?

We do not want to leave a legacy like this. The God of Nature is not gone because I and millions of others still believe in him. One day everyone will understand this purpose. One problem I see involves the corruption of our current environment programs. We must keep these Environmental Agencies free of corruption and political chess moves.